Precise info on healthy eating plans No bullshit !

Precise info on healthy eating plans No bullshit !

“Diet” is always important for your goals that may be fat loss, weight loss or bodybuilding / lean muscle. All goals need a proper plan and list of precise info on healthy eating plans and list of foods add to get your goals for lean body.
Whenever I think person who want to be fit and want lean and show off body he should avoid these foods from his/her healthy eating plans. Because when you trying to cheat your meal plan than you are going 10 steps back from you goal and start finish your achievements you achieve till that day. There are always low carbs and high protein and healthy fats will give you boost towards your goals. It’s not magic that shows you results immediately after one week or 2 weeks you have to be on your plan till you are satisfied.
So question come in all of us mind that what we have to avoid and what we have to eat for lean body from healthy eating plans. We already discuss foods that provide high protein to for muscle building and lean body that help you clean your healthy eating plans.

List of Food avoid from healthy eating plans

  • Baked Food:

    Baked food includes Doughnuts, cake, cookies, muffins they all are heavy package of sugar and calories in any one of food like dough contains 300-400 calories and 8 grams of fat which will stop you from reaching towards goals. It will make overweight and obese. Baked Foods are the most priority to avoid from your healthy eating plans to avoid heavy amount of calories in it.

  • baked food
  • White Bars:

    White bars are better to avoid not even single bite you can afford to take. Its best alternative is Dark chocolate because of its antioxidant-filled superfood and the healthies variety of chocolate. White bar is less nutritious and contains more milk and dairy fat than dark chocolate. Best thing you have to avoid have chocolate during your lean body eating plan.

  • Dark chocolate
  • Sugar Cereals:

    Most breakfast cereals-even the ones that aren’t loaded with marshmallows- are sugar-laden. It contains high gluten which will push towards stomach lining. Best way to avoid these cereals opt Oats meal.

  • Cereals
  • SOY:

    We all know soy is best vegetarian ingredient that is full of high amount of protein as we discuss.

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    But if have higher intake of soy it harmful too for men. As research shows that if men have excess intake of soy that its span of sperm will 41 million/ml less than men who don’t eat. So try another alternative if you have such intake of soy we will discuss later
  • Soft Drinks:

    We all know that soft drinks are not best alternative for water or juices because it contains artificial sweeteners that is bad for our health and even for our fitness goals. According to me artificial sweeteners are much harmful than the use of normal sugar which will even affect your heart and cause some harmful diseases. Best alternative of these soft drinks make lemon juice with stevia or another juice if you like sweet try stevia which best for sugar and diabetes patients and even for fitness freaks but not in excess.

  • softdrinks
  • White breads:

    Greater things have come about since the sliced bread introduces. Not all carbs are harmful to eat but some of them you have to avoid like white pastas, rice and breads. When you consumed white bread it will raises your insulin and push you towards weight gain that will harmful for your goals. So in alternative you can have whole wheat grain it will provide longer lasting energy. Whole wheat grain we take as alternative of white bread in our healthy eating plans to get lean.

  • So these are some foods that strictly you should avoid from your healthy eating plans to get lean body and your goals to reach fast. That will definitely help you to live healthy and stay healthy.
    Concluding this article with precise info on healthy eating plans that what you have to avoid to have in your diet plan to get your goals. But we most of time we have it in our healthy eating plans which will affect our body and goals too. Do you know foods that need to avoid from healthy meal, I love to know from you let me know from your valuable comments.



Nice article, good information you have provided here for our healthy eating plans that we never noticed. Thank you so much for providing such a useful information

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