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For every road there is two roads in which one is good road and second is shortcut. That give you choice to choose your way according to you many of us take shortcut to get into a shape in short period of time with hardcore diets to create a social impact. But it shows an impact for short period of time. There are always people confused which diet is best Veg diet plan or Non-veg diet plan. For my visitors I have created two different diet plans for those who love to eat only veg and one those who love to follow non-veg meal chart. In previous article discuss veg diet plan for weight loss. In that I pointed out meals in proper manner that can help you to lose weight in short period of time.

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You always ready reduce weight in just 7 days or 4 weeks but its not a medicine that can give you relief in just 7 days or 4 weeks. Its truth that gaining weight is not that much hard but reducing weight it may take time for 2 weeks or may 6 weeks its depend on your fat that how much fat available in your body.
Today I am going to discuss very effective non-veg nutritionist diet plan for weight loss. Not only It will help you to reduce weight but even with this diet you don’t have to forget about your favorite food but I will give the way in which you can eat your favorite food.

Non Veg Nutritionist diet chart for weight loss

Before starting my nutritionist diet chart for weight loss its one rule that you have to follow that is you have to do some exercise so it gives you best results. If you are in confusion that how to go gym or how you can do exercise at home don’t to worry I already discuss here
11 good fitness exercise to do at home read here

So here is my diet chart for weight loss as follow:

  • Early Morning: Take apple almonds drink immediately after wake up.
  • Breakfast: In breakfast take omelet with bread with one class of juice of any fruit.
  • Mid-Morning Snacks: If you feel hungry have baked chicken fill samosa or 1 -2 boiled eggs without Yolk.
  • Lunch: Having boiled rice with boiled chicken and non-veg soups. Preferred to be have brown rice but if you can’t it doesn’t effect that much. But if you are using other rice that use it in less amount and take boiled chicken more.
  • Evening snacks: In evening snacks eat boiled eggs as per your hunger requirement minimum 2 eggs and at max. 4 eggs. Even you can take one glass of milk.
  • Dinner: As all know have dinner as much light you can. Have 2-3 roti’s with non-fried chicken. If you want fry a chicken use only 1 spoon oil to fire it

As I said above that you don’t have to forget your favorite food that now am reveal that how and when you can eat your favorite food. You have to follow this diet 6 days of week and on 7th day of every week you can eat your favorite food you can name that day as a cheat day. But eat in limit.

Conclusion: Both physical activities and nutritionist diet plan is required for achieve your fitness goals if you are doing only exercise or doing only diet you never get your best results.
This is the best nutritionist non-veg diet chart for weight loss who love non-veg. Hope, you all take a benefits with this diet plan. Tell us how this diet plan helps you to get you best results through comments. As you all now sharing is caring share this article with your friends and family and help them to get their desired fitness goals.


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