The Era Of Fitness - BodyBuilding

The Era Of Fitness - BodyBuilding

Being defeated is often a temporary condition.

Giving up is what makes it permanent.

In bodybuilding, as in any other discipline. There is much speculation, surrounding the various methods and processes underpinning the way in which to succeed. these speculations often lead to confusion and frustration on the part of aspiring bodybuilder.

Today we are going to discuss about bodybuilding about its history and some famous bodybuilder that make their body perfect and impress the whole world. So let’s start knowing first that bodybuilding and power lifting.

Body building and Power Lifting

Bodybuilding and power lifting are beautiful sports. While bodybuilding is done more for aesthetic reasons and power lifting is strength based sport. Building a body is art – each muscle is well defined and the body is so chiseled that body looks like its straight out of an anatomy book. The Physique of bodybuilder and sport’ s person are different because sports man workout to maximize their performance in specific sport.
Bodybuilders aspire to develop an aesthetically pleasing body and balanced physique. But functionally they will not be able to move as smoothly as world class sportspeople.

History of Bodybuilding

Eugen Sandow, most inspiring person in the bodybuilding world. He changes the world looked at the bodies in 1890’s. he’s the superstar that promote this sport by travel across Europe and America. He makes his body without taking any artificial supplements or steroids and doing exercise using its self-made dumbles.
But Now days the meaning of bodybuilding is change. According to today generation Bodybuilding can be done using only supplements or steroids. Nowadays, I see people on television, fitness magazines social media feed consumers garbage about supplements and steroids.
In India old days “AKHADA” is famous in old fashioned wrestling where peoples build their body is natural way where men wrestle, perform squats, push-ups, lungs and build muscle bulk with old fashioned weights. Their philosophy is that everything in the world – food, activities and people are divided into three tendencies: calm (sattva), active (rajas) and lethargic(tamas). They weight train vigorously; the active tendencies are high. This is reason why they consume calm foods like milk and ghee to increase their calm qualities.

Introducing Proteins and steroids in Era of Bodybuilding

Protein supplements and steroids were not used by our akhada men ; they were not used by Sandow or Clancy Ross , Steve Reeves and George Eiferman . These champions built their body in natural way by taking lot of milk and drink soy powder and raw eggs. Before 1948 any of these champions no one takes artificial proteins and steroids.
Then era comes in which the bodybuilding craze increases in people. In 1960’s steroids started become popular. It’s all about getting bigger faster. Arnold Schwarzenegger was introducing steroids which leads to darker side of fitness emerged the Sandow of the world forgotten. Those steroids are helpful but also have harmful side effects That we will discuss here

Steroids – GOOD or BAD

Research On Bodybuilding

This misconception in terms of nutrition that avoiding fat at all cost will enhance our health and create a, mining physique. Research would prove that strategically including the right type of fats, in the appropriate manner ratio will not only improve your health but also enhance physical development (reference -
This is how old bodybuilder's make their fitness body naturally with natural diet which that never used these artificial steroids. Till then keep yourself fit and take care of yourself. Stay Fit and Healthy.So guys keep following and liking us on:


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