5 serious Physical Health Problems That Will Blow Your Mind


Physical health is very important part of our life. If you are not maintaining your health that means you are defiantly going to face physical health problems may it small problem or may very serious problems.
Now days person who is not suffering with serious physical illness than he or she is physically fit. According to modern medical innovation came with longer life span which change the way we define physical health. Today definition can consider everything ranging from the absence of disease from fitness level. There are some factors on which our good physical health depend that we will discuss later.
Living with or experiencing a physical health problem can result in many adjustments and changes, such as loss of independence and not being able to do all the active things you used to do or usually enjoy.

5 physical health problems

Physical health problems that can affect your health even restrict you from the things you enjoy. Here are the 5 most serious physical health problems that are very harmful for your body. These 5 physical health problems are as follow:

Stress: Stress is not always harmful for our body even it can help you to perform under pressure. But when it goes out of the limit than our physical health pays for that.

Obesity: Obesity means that you weigh at least 10-20% more than what is considered a normal weigh for your height. That may cause very serious health problems that may cause death. Obesity is considered when your body weight is 30kg more than your required weight.

Calculate Your BMI(Body Mass Index) Here:

BMI calculator

Fatigue: It is also called exhaustion and is feeling of tiredness which is distinct from weakness, and has gradual onset. It is well describing as the lack of energy and motivation.

Chronic Pain: The pain that person is experiencing from more than last 12 weeks. That pain will be continuing or on several period of time, minor attacks of that will be experience in whole day. These pain may headaches, joint pain etc.

Eating Disorder: These are the mental disorder defined by abnormal habits that negatively affect a person’s physical or mental health. This is second most dangerous physical health problem among above these.

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Conclusion: These are the most common physical health problems that causes different disease like heart diseases, asthma, diabetes, arthritis etc. So maintain your good physical health that can help you to fight from these harmful health problems.
So, guys these physical health problems may be find in you or in your family, so start doing work out some physical fitness that may help you to fight from these physical health problems. Share this with your friends and family. Follow us on:

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