Disorders of Respiratory System


The respiratory system consists of nose, phyanax, epiglottis, lungs, bronchi and trachea also the ribcage that protects the lungs, the diaphragm and intercostal muscles which pumps out the air in and out your chest and nervous connection to the brains which activates and control the muscles. This division should not be allowed to obscure the intimate relation between the disorders of the respiratory system and diseases of lungs in chest. In this post you going to know about the various disorders of this system in your body.

The upper respiratory system

This includes nose, nasal passages which can get affected from the diseases like common cold in which your nose get blocked and you are unable to breathe thus it is very important to improve your upper respiratory track so that to stay healthy.

The cough reflex

At times we tax our capacity of cleaning our mechanism and smokes too much which is very injurious to your health and can cause you various dangerous diseases as well can cause death. Problems of cough like tuber closes can also be caused because of these.

The lower respiratory system

The lower respiratory track includes trachea and lungs that are the important source of breathing. Breathing itself is an intricate process. Lungs hang loosely in your chest with a separate compartment between heart inside it. Thus it is very essential to breathe healthy as it bad effects acts as a doorway to your respiratory system. Thus the above discussed topics are the main disorders of the respiratory system of your body but it also has its creation for these.

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