Heart and Circulatory System


Heart diseases and the blood vessels are the largest killers in the affluent segment of the world society today. Every person in the society whether old or young is dying of heart and circulatory disease including heart stroke, hypertensions, heart failure and kidney diseases.

Causes of heart and circulatory system.

Causes and effects of heart strain are many and complex involving nervous system, through which mental and emotional process influence cardiac function and also metabolic, reproductive and digestive systems which frequently place excessively high demands on heart.

The heart of matter

Now comes upon the matter about the heart and circulatory system some of the following are discussed here in brief in Saymefit like:
 The heart is a unique neuromuscular pump in the center of human activity. It is responsible for the blood circulation throughout the body.
 Every part of the body is dependent on heart and its work.
 The power of heart depends on the fibers of the muscular walls.
 Damage of these fibers can produces striking changes in the pattern of the blood circulation.

The arterial circulation:

 The blood circulates from heart to the body to the complex networks of conducting pipe ways known as arteries.
 Arteries are the longest and strongest type of vessels in your body.
 It may also lead to insufficient oxygen supply to the heart itself to the other body organs.

The chambers of heart

 The inside of heart is consisting of four chambers.
 Blood containing in it has a rich supply if oxygen to the whole parts of the body.
 Most of the blood circulation deboned upon these chambers of the heart.

If your heart and circulatory is not working properly see here what diseases will caused : Diseases and Solution of Heart

So guys these are some few parts of the heart and circulation system of the body which can be cared of properly. There are some severe diseases which can cause you damage to the systems if your body. If you want to know about it stay connected to us in our next post of saymefit. Till then stay connected with us through:

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