Ultimate Guide for Short and Long Sightedness


“The eyes are the mixture of the soul and reveal much of our essential nature. “

As you all know that vision is our most precious sense. We all rely on the eyes for large percentage of our information about the outside world and our understanding of life. Short and long sightedness is the most important fact of our life. The phrase “Do you see what I mean “implies that a large part of our mental functioning relies on the viral sense. At the same time, it is reported by yogis that they do not need eyes to see, being able know in detail, through the higher strata of consciousness, of events which takes place at great distances from their physical bodies. That’s why we can say that vision is indeed a mysterious thing.

List Of sightedness deffects

The less is situated in the center of eye and so responsible for bending incoming rays of light they converge onto retina and thereby simulate nerve cells to produce a clear accurate picture of image being viewed. The process of bending light is called refraction. If the lens fails to focus light exactly on to the retina, the picture is blurred which means refractive errors which are very common among the people.

1.Short sightedness (Myopia) – In short sightedness lens is too thick and the image fails short of the retina, resulting in an inability to focus on distant objects. This is common among young people.
2.Long sightedness (HyperMertropia) – It is totally opposite to the to Myopia. This is more common in old age
3.Astngmation: This is cause by variations and unevenness in the lens.

These distortion of eye functions are so common today that we fail to even think of them as correctable by means of other than glasses. Our hair falls out, teeth have to be removed, skin to be wrinkles, eyes need glasses. We take these signs of ageing for granted, never for one moment realizing that there are wats to correct certain forms of refractive error especially those which occur in the young one mostly.

Guys, you have all heard about famous authors Aldous Huxley, he was nearly blinded at age of 16 by keratitis Panetta, a condition caused by opacities of cornea and made worse by farsightedness and astigmatism. But after few months of special eye exercise he was again able to read without glasses and without strain. Similarly, there are many famous personalities who artier age suffers from short and
long sightedness. To understand about it more we need to go through a little more about the causes of eye defects.

The underlying cause

The lens is controlled by ciliary muscles which accommodate vision to far and near objects. By far the most common refractive error of the elderly is hypermertropia. As age creeps up muscles weaken.
Don’t worry guys these errors are curable so don’t be stressed which cause weakness in your eyes and muscles also. Relax them time to time. Follow curing methods for these errors;

1.Asana - Asana, Pranayama, mudra bandha is the main asana introduce by yoga for the exercise of your eyes. Palming also relaxing, alpha producing exercise for your eyes.
2.Hatha Yoga – Nitti Kriya acts directly on the olfactory and ocular systems effects all structure of your face.
3.Relaxation – Yoga nidra is one of the most scientific methods of relaxations yet devised. It acts at the deepest levels of our being, reducing tensions which cause most of our diseases and problems in
life. Reducing them form life will affect in a good way to your body and eyes.

The above combination and methods are very much helpful for you to remove your refractive errors and short and long sightedness problems also. Till then keep yourself fit and take care of yourself. Stay Fit and Healthy.So guys keep following and liking us on :

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