What will mental health Be ?


If you miss a day here and there or even several days don't get disheartened and give up. There may be times when you are too busy but you shouldn't feel as though there is no point in carrying on because there is some problem which may cause you stress which is very dangerous for your mental health also. Now a day everyone is suffering from severe problems of mental illness.

Mental Health And Stress

'Stress' a rare word you all have heard during these days nearby your friends and family. Everyone whether a child or an old one is suffering from this problem. But let me make you all very clear that this stress can cause you mental illness, depression, tumor and more.

We all have time to feel demotivated or when there are other things in our life to distract us and take precedence. When such hormones by products occur in large amounts, they may contribute to a sustained feeling of low energy or depression.

Stress is normal to experience a range of moods, both high and low, in everyday life. While some "down the dump", happens in our life but guys it doesn't means that you take stress which harm your mind and body.

Here are the best ways to maintain physical health and mental health. That can help us for cure from stress too.

Now let us talk something about how stress affects your mental health. Actually major term 'depression' which is used to describe such periods of extended, unremitting and profound depression. Symptoms of depression includes: sleep problems, fatigue, appetite changes and self-hate and more.

So guys just be aware that you should not take any tension which causes you mental illness. While taking a thought of it also once just think about your near once that what they feel if you suffer with any severe problems.

Stress and mental health illness causes many disorders like: anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, cognitive functioning, personality changes. About all of these disorders you will came to know about in our future posts.

"Daily stress can leave your Health with a Mess"

So guys till then stop taking stress just relax down your mind with meditation and regular exercise and also by meeting your dear ones. Just Stay fit with SayMeFit and keep liking us on

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