This article will answer every single question, query, doubt, confusion related to the topic. In this article we are going to discuss about the non-veg diet chart for weight loss, non-veg dishes, meals, ketogenic diet, diet plan to reduce the belly fat, and many more all such aspects will be answered one by one. I am going to make this article super easy to understand so that a beginner can also grasp every single bit of it. So starting off with explaining non-veg diet which is very simple to understand and that refers to the food items, dishes or meals which are not veg or we can say non vegetable is included, examples of non-veg are chicken, beef, pork, fish, eggs, goat, turkey etc.

For every road there is two roads in which one is good road and second is shortcut. That give you choice to choose your way according to you many of us take shortcut to get into a shape in short period of time with hardcore diets to create a social impact. But it shows an impact for short period of time. There are always people confused which diet is best Veg diet plan or Non-veg diet plan. For my visitors I have created two different diet plans for those who love to eat only veg and one those who love to follow non-veg meal chart. In previous article discuss veg diet plan for weight loss. In that I pointed out meals in proper manner that can help you to lose weight in short period of time.

Non veg salad

Why do we need non-veg diet? And what are Fat Types?

We need non-veg because it is high in protein, and fats and as we all know that protein is the main component that is required by our body to build our muscles, maintains the health of hair, skin, nails, organs. Now consuming fat won’t make you fat which is coming through non-veg diet, but access amount will definitely do.

There are 3 major types of fats, one, is saturated fat which mostly comes from beef, pork, and is not good for health specially heart, second, trans-fat which usually comes from fried food items like chips or if you heat oil in the pan for too long or reusing it again and again, last but not the least unsaturated fat which is the king of all, that comes from nuts specifically ground nuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachio, cashew etc.

dryfruits and it's benefits

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How many non-veg dishes options do we have?

We have plenty of non-veg dishes to choose from, starting from Eggs, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Turkey, Fish. Eggs are the best to include in your breakfast and snacks, just don’t I repeat just don’t add white salt onto it for the flavor.

Reason being the presence of Sodium (Na) in it, that will hold access of water in your body and that is definitely not going to help you in your weight loss. So, what do we add for salty flavor? You must replace white salt with Himalaya pink salt.

Next chicken, mostly chicken breast is considered because it is low in fat and high in protein 100 grams of chicken breast contains 27 grams of protein, 100 grams of Beef, pork, lamb contains 25 grams of protein but are high in cholesterol.

The highest protein content is in turkey and that is 29 grams of protein in 100 grams but also highest in cholesterol. Lowest Cholesterol level is in pork which is 80mg rest others range from 90-100mg. Non veg diet for wright loss must contains items mentioned above.

Now you would be wondering how to control the cholesterol? the answer is including 1 table spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to your post diet. This not only lower’s your cholesterol level but also reduces the blood pressure, helpful for maintaining insulin levels for diabetic patients.

And what will be the best option for me?

Now You’ll be like wow, I am immediately going to buy one apple cider vinegar from the nearby store. Right? Well, now moving on to the consumption of the non veg dishes mentioned above.

It totally depends upon your muscle building goals, how much weight you are targeting to reduce, how much is your calorie intake and how much you are gonna lower it, here I am not referring it to the calories you are getting through your protein but the one which are coming through your carbohydrates and we all love carbs don’t we?

Carbs are the main number one reason which is preventing your weight loss, how it works let me explain you that first! Your body’s work is to convert the carbohydrates to glucose, when you consume more carbohydrates some are burned through your physical activity or your gym workout sessions, the rest which is left is stored in your body as a fat that leads to weight gain.

How To Burn/ Melt or Shred Stored Fat off of Your Body

Now here we are targeting weight loss, lowering your carbohydrates intake to 5% of your entire consumption of the day will let your body, use the stored body fat to provide energy to your body during physical activity, so here without doing much of an effort we are consuming non-veg diet and lowing our carbohydrates level not forgetting increasing our fat intake and that is leading us to have a diet plan to reduce bellyfat.

nonveg diet

How that sound? Pretty good right? Now as we are thorough with non-vegetarian food benefits. It’s time to actually discuss where will the fiber come from as we have reduced the carbohydrates intake to 5%? From the food items, which were also consisting good content of fiber.

It will come from the salad, nuts, vegetables, namely cucumber, carrot, cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, if you like to make it spicy a little bit, you can add green chili to it. Nuts, specially, ground nuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachio, cashew, to take it to another level you can include cranberries, blue berries, plums into your diet.

Let’s Understand Keto Diet

This diet has been proved for fat cutting, burning, belly reducing, diet worldwide. The only reason here is just reduction in carbohydrates and increase in protein and fats in your diet, just switching from your same old diet to this diet, will bring enormous amount of fat drop in your body.

Here you gotta understand the science, logic, how it works behind the scenes otherwise you will end up burning your muscles if you don’t grasp the knowledge out of this article!

Here we go, so when the carbohydrates are reduced to 15-20 grams a day, ketones will be produced in the liver that will further be used as energy. This stage will only be activated when you have eliminated carbs to 5%, this stage is known as ketosis. Before what was happening?

What is Ketogenic Diet?

Before when you were high in carbohydrates, your body was producing glucose and insulin for the energy, unused glucose was getting stored inside the body as fat, which a fitness enthusiast wants to get rid off. Keto Diet doesn’t mean we are starving ourselves of all calories together but instead, just calories coming through carbohydrates.

How it Works?

So you had enough of this now you might be wondering how much percentage your fats and protein should be, your waiting time period ends here, 70% fats, 25%proteins and as mentioned above 5% carbs.

Non-Veg food list for high Protein are mentioned above already, for fats we’ll mainly be consuming whole eggs not skipping the yolk or just consuming egg whites but whole egg so that we get the fats out of it, next up is cheese, flaxseeds, olive oil/coconut oil, fish, chicken, chia seeds etc. we’ll be discussing the non-veg diet for weight loss in detail below.

Diet plan to reduce belly fat will be consisting 70% fat, 25% protein, 5% fat as promised above. For now, we’ll go through things to avoid during keto diet session.


keto diet chart for weight loss and it's benefits


Food Items to avoid while in Keto Diet

Why do you need these food items to avoid that are mentioned further? Reason being it will raise your carbohydrates level or percentage in your diet and you won’t be able to get there where you want to be.

So the food items made from wheat specially, cereals, breads, pasta, noodles etc. major carbohydrates sources such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, chickpeas, lentils etc.

This is definitely not recommended during the keto diet schedule. You must be focused, determined, disciplined, one must know how to control the cravings that he certainly be having when he reduces the amount of carbohydrates from his diet.

Non-Vegetarian Food Diet Cart for Weight Loss is up next for discussion. Read it carefully, you will definitely find significant changes in your body, you will feel fat melting, crying from your body.

Keto Diet Benefits

Before that I want to share some Benefits of Keto Diet that are as follows, Cholesterol will fall off the cliff, Weight Loss will definitely be one of the major concern here. Blood sugar level that will definitely bring a smile on people who are struggling maintaining their insulin levels, surely also benefiting diabetic patient. Feeling more energetic throughout the day.

Your hunger is now under your control, as you feel a state of full for longer periods of time. Its true that gaining weight is not that much big of a deal but shredding weight, it takes time.

Now, I am going to discuss very effective non-veg high nutrition diet plan for weight loss. Not only It will help you to reduce weight but also this diet will help you hunt your goals with a quicker pace.

Non Veg Nutrition diet chart for weight loss

Before starting my nutrition diet chart for weight loss, its just one rule that you have to follow, and that is you have to be very strict with your diet. If you are having any confusion related to going gym or how you can do exercises at home, you don’t need to worry about,here is an article that will answer your doubts.

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Non Veg Diet Chart for Weight Loss | Non Veg Diet for Weight Loss

Here is a sample nutrition plan for you guys who want to try keto diet, a note before we dive into the diet straight away, here the diet is divided into 6 short meals. Here it is.

Meal 1
  • 4 Whole Egg Omelete
  • 4 Egg Whites
  • 25grams Almonds
  • Salad of Cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber
Meal 2
  •   1 scoop or 30 grams of Whey Protein
  • 28 grams Peanuts
  • 1.5spoon Flaxseed
  • Troubling finding the right whey protein? Click Here
Meal 3
  • 150g Chicken Breast, Oil Suggestions: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil.
  • 1.5cup of Boiled Broccoli
  • 30grams of Peanuts
  • Salad of Spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, carrot, cucumber
Meal 4
  • 200g Cheese Raw, can add Himalaya pink salt
  • 1 Scoop or 30grams Whey Protein
  • 2spoon Peanut Butter
Meal 5
  • 4 boiled Eggs
  • 200-220gram fish(salmon, tuna etc.)
  • 2spoon Peanut Butter
  • 200g Cheese raw
  • Salad of Cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, beetroot
Meal 6
  • 35grams of any of these or mixed, Almonds/cashew/pistachio/walnuts

Last but not the least, drink nearly 3-4 liters or water so that you don’t suffer from constipation or bad digestion. Hope you guys have every bit of knowledge that we shared with you.

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