“The Lifestyle that we live spells good health and Fitness is a combination of different factors includes exercise and good eating habits.”

Today ’s, time there are surprising number of reports about being not having a good health that includes increasing obesity rates, diseases and condition related to overweight and out of shape and due to these reports it is impossible to ignore the importance of good health and fitness in our lives.

By simply following these 8 easy rule for good health and fitness can help you to fight from these diseases.

I think you shouldn’t wait until you develop an illness to begin a health and fitness routine.
We all want fittest personality, but with so much advice floating around us, it can be hard to select which tips work.

To make your life easy, we have rounded up our easy rules to being healthy that help you reach your most ambitious fitness goals even quicker.
About a decade ago, for me, good health and fitness meant either being able to perform a certain exercise weight lifting, cardio etc.

If you really want assess your health, then you need to look at you over all health, which would mean mental and physical health that we already discuss.

8 rules for Good Health and Fitness

In today’s era there are varieties of tip, plans, programs around us so we all got confused that which tips or plans or programs is good and help you to get your fitness goal.
So, today we are going to discuss best rules to get your good health and fitness. That following rules are as follow:

    • Always active for Physical health : Being active for physical health it is not necessary that you will run 10 to 20km daily and nor does heavy weight squatting more than your weight. Even a small and light physical exercises can help you to being fit like walking, swimming, playing with kids, play some sports etc.
    • Strength Train and Muscular Development : According to study even strength training and muscular development help you to maintain your health by managing weight, increase energy levels, increase strength etc.

These are some reason why strength train is good. So, you can start building muscles and                        train your strength by doing weight lifting, dumbbell etc.

    • Do Cardiovascular/Aerobic Exercise : Doing cardio or aerobic exercise not only manage your weight even it helps your internal parts to stay fit.

Internal parts like lungs, heart etc. Because when you do cardio or aerobic exercise your                            blood circulation rate increases due to which heart start pumping fast which helps it to fit.

    • Maintain healthy body weight and body fat levels : Maintaining healthy body weight is not that much hard if you’re doing some physical routines even this helps you to maintain your body fat also so don’t stop your physical routines.

If you are not doing this, it defiantly gets obese one day. So check Your BMI Here and check                      you have healthy body weight or not


  • Stretching – Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons : Before starting strength training always do some stretching o muscles, ligaments and tendons that helps in your old age to have your fit muscles and not depend on other.
  • Nutrition and Supplementation : If person is doing proper physical routines but not get best nutrition and supplementation than that physical routine will not give you that results for that you are dreaming. Having health nutrition diet that rich of proteins, healthy carbs etc.
  • Mental Rest and Relaxation : For good health and fitness it’s not only physical fitness is not necessary even you have to be mentally fit it means you have to give some mental rest and relaxation to yourself by spending some time with your family friends or do some traveling and enjoy your life.
  • Sleep : Most important rule for that even help you get fresh and mentally relaxed if you taking proper sleep of 8 to 10 hours. It helps your body to take rest and perform with more energy.

Adding a fitness plan to active Lifestyle

Persons who are already active still see benefits form increasing their levels of health and fitness.

The best thing to do for this is implement a fitness plan.

Fitness plan it should involve regimented exercise, diet and nutrition, as well as time for mental and physical rest.

Not to worry we will help you to build a fitness plans for you according to your needs.

Conclusion : Not being performing heavy weight lifting and running can help you to get your fitness level but you have to maintain your health physically and mentally both because these both are main factor for good health if you stop caring any one of these you are not fit.
So, these are 8 easy rule for good health and fitness that will help you to fit physically and mentally.