Always who love intake of whiskey/beer/vodka in heavy amount they all know its harmful but still they never stop. Some of us are in love with their gym and fitness and want to be good fitness and physic.

They all follow good diet plan according to their fitness routine. But some of them not getting their goals? Do you guess why they don’t get their desired goals? Let’s check out why this happen.

How Alcohol affects your goals

We all know alcohol addiction is bad for us and also for our goals which drag us 5 times back from their fitness goals. Here am not going to discuss why its harmful and how it harmful for all.

I am basically talk about the person who have muscle building goals or fat loss goals. Alcohol is made up of starch and sugar and it contains empty calories means it don’t have any useful nutrients that help your body in growth.

These empty calories store in blood stream that converts into fats and spike your blood sugar and cause diabetes too. Those who have muscle building goals and fat loss goals for them its harmful definitely harmful.

All know everything in excess is harmful for everyone. Same in this those who take in limit means if you don’t drink in more than once a week or once in 2 weeks that don’t harm them that much and also their goals. Even not a normal person harmed from alcohol with this intake.

How muscle building and fat loss goals affected from Alcohol

Even after knowing this fact that it’s addiction affects your body transformation results. When you take one shot of alcohol it contains empty 70 calories.

Means there is no fibers, protein, carbs that help you to get help in your body transformation. When you take on shot of alcohol than to recover from that body take about 48 hours means 2 days.

If you do gym during these day you are not going to get any progress for your fitness goals. Because your body is under recovery from that alcohol that you take earlier and if you do exercise between this you only burn that calories not get any results.

So to solve out it I will give you suggestion taking an alcohol on alternate day or daily it will not be going to help you because when your body get recover from that you take earlier and you take it again.

Here I will suggest that always take alcohol in weekends when you have off day from gym for example: On Friday you take alcohol and then as I said it takes 2 days to recover your body from alcohol.

So you have 2 days Saturday and Sunday when your body get recover and you can start your fitness goals from where you start this will help you.

One more thing you can do that take shots in gap of 30 min or 1 hr. because when you take alcohol than it dehydrates your body because it doesn’t contain water it’s just empty calories because of this it causes hangover because it reduce the amount of water from your body.

As your intake is in excess of alcohol than it affects your sex drive because your testosterone get low which means low sex drive. Testosterones is number one hormone of our body which helps in building muscles and high your sex drive.

Similar in women that if women drink heavy amount of alcohol than their estrogen get low and their fat loss goals get postponed.


After so much myths and talk I come to know that alcohol is not good for our fitness and fat loss goals. If you can’t stop drink than you are going to reduce your body’s main hormone.

I am not forcing you to remove totally from your life but take it in moderation only. Because it will not postpone your fitness goals and fat loss goals. So guys hope you like this article and if you have any question let me know through your valuable comments. Share it and stay with us to get more fit and healthy.