In today’s world most of the bodybuilder as well as NFI players, wrestler’s etc. take steroids and make their body bigger and bigger than ever. Everyone know that steroids can help you to grow body muscles in extreme but id it good or bad for body that’s big question arises.
Steroids have both bright side and also dark side. This not only harms but also helps you curing from disease. They have linked to various health effects which make them extremely risky to take they need to be taken on medical advice only. After introducing types of supplements in bodybuilding world make worst. In previous article in which we tell you how these supplements make abusing body.


Steroids have been used successfully by doctors for medical purpose. These includes as given below:

Stimulates Appetite: This recommended by doctor when person has digest problems or those who are unable to eat right amount of food due to healthy issues to trigger hunger. Also for those who suffer from cancer and AIDS use to build their muscle mass in an added benefit.

Libido Enhancements : It manage to copy the ability of testosterone; it is used to boost virility in older men. To Bodybuilder it only in small amount prescribed by physicians.

Bone Marrow : They we used to treat people with hypo plastic anemia in order to stimulate the bone marrow produce the elements required to boost the Immune system.


They have also dark side that you must to know. By constant use of it completely thrown emotional system out of gear. It serves depression and makes extremely aggressive in bed. These are pretty common symptoms after taking of steroids. Let’s take a look at the negative effects of steroids.

Sex Hormones Play Havoc: Anabolic steroids are believed to boost estrogen – the main sex hormone in females – in the body. This often linked to the development of female-like tissue in male user. Person who take this type of steroids also face acne problems, deepening in voice and grow hair in body.

Reproduction Functions Thrown Out OF Gear : Its use in linked to shrinking of the testicles, reduced sperm count and infertility in men. In women, the side effects include decrease in menstrual blood flow, enlargement of the clitoris and infertility. Research also show that it may affect foetal development too.

Negatively Impacts the Brain: Studies show that it’s usage affects the neurological pathways of the brain. People who take them in high does may get dependent on it. They experience severe withdrawal symptoms when they try to discontinue its usage.

Violent Behavior or ‘Roid Rage’: The higher level of testosterone cause increase in aggressiveness, hostility, paranoia, mood swings, irritability and stress.

Hypertension and Cholesterol Levels Get ImpactedIt’s users are more likely to develop hypertension and high blood pressure. They increase LDL, bad Cholesterol and decrease HDL and good cholesterol.

Liver Damage: Steroid that are orally taken can cause damage to the liver. They can also cause tumors and blood filled cysts to form in the liver.

The period of time that a person takes steroids is called a cycle. When more than one type of steroids is used in cycle, it is called stack. The more you stack into your cycle, the more side affects you faces.



Above we discuss dark and bright side of steroids and the most popular steroids that used by bodybuilders and other sports person.