Always we all thing that Are fruits help for muscle growth and lean body or not. In bodybuilding fruit is not friend for bodybuilders. Because we all know that sugar is not good for bodybuilder and sugar in it is going to end up planted jiggly on your waistline.

But that may be not correct for all fruits there are variety of fruits that can help you to get muscle growth and lean body.

Here we are going to tell you the fruits secret that most of us don’t know and they think no fruit can help for muscle growth and lean body goals.

Fruits provides fructose that is consider as sugar containing inside them. Our liver has only power to covert fructose in glycogen which is used for muscle growth and lean body but fructose can’t directly use for muscle building.

Now we are going to list out some fruits that help for your goals.

List of Fruits that help for muscle growth and Lean body goals

We all don’t know how body store fat and make you overweight. It’s all because of carbs we take in whole day with any knowledge of how much we have to eat. And that all carbs converted into glycogen when its goes over flow that it starts making your fat cells and make you fatty. So list of fruits that may help you in muscle building goals as follow:

    • Bananas:

      A bananas are among the best carbohydrate-dense fruits. To get best result from intake of bananas have it in the morning breakfast and event you can have it as your post-training protein shake to help replenish muscle energy stores.

      It is the one the fruits with good source of potassium, an electrolyte necessary for proper muscular contraction.

    • Oranges:

      Oranges make an excellent addition to pre-workout meal. Now that you have a slower digesting carb source (as outlines above), it is also beneficial to have small but sufficient source of fast-digesting carbs to kick-start your workout.

    • Kiwifruit:

      All think that potassium as a mineral that helps maintain electrolyte balance, not one that promotes muscle growth. But potassium in your diet to help build both protein and muscle.

    • Berries:

      Berries are good source of antioxidant we need these because when we did strenuous exercise cause chemical reactions that may damage cells, and this may lead you to consider adding antioxidants supplements to your daily routine. To avoid these supplement, you can add berries for antioxidants that contains vitamin C, carotenoids and flavonoids.

    • Grapes:

      Carbs provide your body energy, if we don’t get enough, our body might burn muscle instead of energy. According to some nutrition academy says that your half of calories come from your carbs. If you do strength training at least twice a week. Grapes provide enough amount of carbs that help you in muscle growth.

    • Apples:

      So here come apples you all know “One apple a day keeps doctor away”. Apple contains ursolic acid can rev up fat burning as well as increase skeletal muscle mass.

So these are the fruits that help you to boost your muscle building and lean body goals.

So not all fruits will be barrier for your goals but some of them boost your performance and growth.


Concluding this article, these are some fruits rich in potassium, vitamin C, and many more important elements that help you in muscle growth and lean body.

If you are thinking to get some supplements and proteins for muscle growth, try these fruits for 2-3 months.

Let us know about your results through your comments.