“Keep a healthy heart, so we don’t get apart”

Introduction of Cardiovascular diseases

As you all have got some brief intro about cardiovascular fitness. But today I will be going to tell you about the cardiovascular diseases and its personality. The deposition of cholesterol is now widely accepted to be one fundamental cause of cardiovascular diseases and death. A high level of blood cholesterol can be lowered by adopting a fat free, low cholesterol, vegetarian diet, based on whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. There is also a replacement of animal fats like fatty meats, butter and ghee with unsaturated vegetable oils and largely vegetarian diet is recommended for cardiaovascular disease.

More recent studies have shown that meditation also effectively lower the level of cholesterol in the serum, and this is one reason why relaxation and meditation are considered so necessary, along with dietary modification in cardiovascular disease.

Now let us get more into the cardiovascular disease and its personality. Cardiologist recognizes a particular ‘cardiac personality’ type as more prone to heart disease.

The sufferers are the most commonly a middle aged man who has an aggressive, self-assertive and competitive nature. He is usually successful in his field and has done well in life by driving himself to the limit. He sets high personal standards and expects others to conform to these same standards. He often becomes a ‘workaholic’, using his work as his sole means of self-fulfillment, while trending to avoid painful emotional encounters and responsibilities in the family setting. Thus, this is what we can call the personality of cardiac. Through which you can get rid of cardiac diseases easily.

Another important point we can get rid of difficult problems. Yogic therapy is often difficult for the cardiac personality to relax and utilize yoga in a noncompetitive way. His mind is so achievement oriented that relaxation surrender itself. Nevertheless, if this lesson can be learned, progress is assured.

As you all have earlier heard that yoga balances the emotions then yes it is perfectly said because emotions play such a fundamental role in the Genesis of cardiac disease it is not sufficient that heart patient adopt a low fat diet alone in order to manage his condition. According, to yogic science, recognition of the patterns and effects of the emotional states upon the heart and mind. This is easily achieved through the practices of the yogic relation and you can get fit.

At the end I would only like to say that excessive cardiac disease is not good for your body. Diet can be gradually normalized as cardiac function is restored, but oils and fats and dairy products should be resumed continuously. Smoking should be discontinued.

So, guys it is said that if something is good then in somewhat it is bad also as ” every coin has two sides one good and other evil”.