What Is Anorexia

Anorexia is potentially life threatening eating disorder. It is serious psychological disorder charactised by either a significantly reduced appetite or complete aversion to eating. Today when you go through this whole article you come to know about serious virus that is “Anorexia Effects and Treatments”. You will get to know more about ‘Anorexia’ and How it causes and also about its treatment further.
A patient with anorexia nervosa, often just called ‘anorexia’ has a distracted body image and an exaggerated fear of becoming overweight or obese so a deliberate effort is made to lose weight. It should not be confused with nervosa.
• It is general loss of appetite, or a loss of interest in food
• It is a serious mental illness. Patients have not ‘lost’ interest in food, they have intentionally restricted their food intake because of an irrigational fear of being or becoming fat.

Causes of Anorexia

The various causes of it are unknown. However, the condition sometimes runs in families; young women with a parent or sibling with an eating disorder. Then there are some psychological, environment and social signs or effects that develops this virus in your body. Examples of environmental factors are:
• The effects of the thinness culture in media.
• Professions and corers that promote being thin and weight loss
• Family and childhood traumas: childhood sexual abuse
• Peer pressure among friends and co works to be thin
Currently it is thought that anorexia develops as a result of multiple factors, both biological & environment.

Types of Anorexia

The two common types of anorexia which are as follows:
• Anorexia Nervosa Binge/Purge
• Restrictive Anorexia nervosa
The two classification of it are common in today’s era but these types should be treated individually and properly.

Signs of Anorexia

An individual suffering from it may reveal on or several signs that are:
• Chronic Diet
• Obsession with calories
• Fat contents of food
• Engaging in ritualistic eating patterns, such cutting food into tiny pieces, eating alone.
• Depression
• Continued fixation with food
• Development of lanugo: self, fine hair that grow on body and face.
• Loss or thinning of hair
• Reported sensation of feeling cold
• Avoid dance of social functions, friends and family


The treatment of it usually involves a combination of psychological therapy and supervised weight gain. It’s important for a person with it to start treatment as early as possible to reduce of risk of serious complications of it, particularly if they’ve already lost a lot of weight various treatment plan should be followed:
• Specialist counsellors
• Psychiatrists
• Psychologists
• Specialist nurses
• Dietitians
• Pediatricians in cases affecting teenagers

Thus to conclude before treatments starts sufferers should need social assessments. You can also read this article that may help you to protect you and your family members and friends from this serious virus.

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