Cold Sores

Cold sores are also called fever blisters which is usually caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1). This virus is from passed person to person by saliva or by skin contact. Cold sores usually appear as clusters of tiny blisters on lip. In this article you will today to know about “Cold sores symptoms and its remedies”. These are a severe virus which can caused by you from other person and also cured by yourself only. Confused now? So, don’t worry further your confusion will be cleared.
90% of all people get at least cold sore in their life. This first occurrence is often the worst. Some children who are affected may become seriously ill. After the first infection, many people develop antibodies and never have another cold sore. This sores usually lasts 7 to days and are contagious until they crust over completely.

Causes of Cold sores

They have causes of it which can be cured by the various treatment that cured by the various treatment. These causes are:
• Usually causes by herpes simplex virus(HSV)
Type 1 which is transmitted easily in forms of contacts like:
1. Kissing
2. Infected person sharing eating utensils
3. Towels and razors
• Genital herpes is usually caused by herpes simplex virus type-2 which may result from having oral sex with a person who has genital herpes.
• Different from canker sore. Canker is small ulcer crater in the lining of the mouth. It is frequently painful. Occurs in the soft tissue of the mouth, where cold sores do not appear.

Symptoms of cold sores

Symptoms of it as follows:
• Sore lip
• Ting Ling
• Tingling lips
• Ulcers
• Blister, rashes
• Redness on skin
• Also common burning sensation

Treatment of cold sores

If it is irritating, your doctor may prescribe an anesthetic get to pain or an antiviral oral medication to speed healing or prevent reoccurrence. The antiviral (Overtax), ganciclovir(Armavir) and Val acyclovir (Valtrex) Doctors prescribed some following ways due to which it can be treated like:

• Enjoy vanilla
• Snag some licorice
• Toss your tooth brush
• Should keep your hands off
• Get milk
• Wipe it out with hydrogen peroxide
• Be minty flesh
• Take E china ceca
• Load up on vitamin E and C
• Cornstarch paste can be applied
• Dab on some witch hazel
• Grab some aloe gel
• Ice it
• Wear sunscreen even on your lips
• Wash it all away
• Quarantine right away

These all treatment can be taken due to it. Thus all these measures can cause and control this severe problem of cold sores. So, take cure of it as soon as suffer from it.So as all know sharing is caring.