Men’s are more likely who suffer from heart and cardiovascular diseases than women up to the age of menopause. Recent research has revealed that the existence of specific androgenizes receptors in the walls of the heart chambers and the large arteries which taught to mediate cardiac damage. You can also ready this article for understanding better .

How Heart and Circulatory System plays the role in human emotions

Heart plays very important role in emotions of your circulatory system of human’s body. It controls functions related to emotional metabolism. When you take tensions your heart muscles got strained and heart beat gets accelerated forcing it to beat beyond its resting capacity. Thus causes many diseases to your like heart attacks and more.

The cardiac personality

Cardiologists notices many cardiac personality diseases most prone to heart disease.

 The sufferer is most commonly a middle aged man who has an aggressive and self-assistive nature.
 He sets high personal standards and accepts others to follow that standards.
 Thus this all causes him suffer from heart diseases.

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Solution of circulatory diseases

Everything in this world has solution similarly heart and circulatory system has solution to its disease like:
 Yoga offers tried and proven solution for heart diseases.
 It provides a way of life through which heart can be maintained in optimal conditions right up to end of life.
 Asana are widely important for the better heart and relief from heart disease.
 It is very important for a heart patient that he should not suffer from the problems of constipation.
 Execive straining of stool is also good for relief from heart disease.

Thus to conclude we can say that these are the various diseases and solution of circulatory system. By following yogic therapy and asana you can easily get rid of it at some extent. Stay connected with us like this for our further posts regarding your health and also keep liking us on: