“I am not Lazy & I am not crazy
I have a Thyroid. Just Because
You can’t see it, doesn’t mean
It doesn’t exist.”


We all know people who only eat, eat and eat but doesn’t get fat and there are some people who only think of the food and put on weight. This only happens because of change in metabolism of your body. It also can be the Thyroid and its symptoms.

Human Body Metabolism

It is very important concept of health. It is the sum total of the conversation and the expenditure of the all body. There are two types of metabolism:
1. Anabolism
2. Catabolism

Of course the actual situation of the metabolism is extremely complex and modern science has not yet found the solution to this mystery yet. It is known however that the thyroid gland is the regulator of the metabolism in the body itself regulated in the pituitary gland in the skull. Regulation of metabolism in a healthy person occurs in the response to the person physical and emotional demands relayed to the brain and hypothetical centers.

Now let’s talk about the where thyroid gland. Thyroid gland lies in the front of neck wrapped around the trachea. It is of two lobes one at the side of the neck and secretes hormones into bloodstreams.

The extreme forms of thyroid diseases are of two types:

• Hyperthyroid: In which your gland secretes excess hormones. This is more common in women as in men its less happens only at the age of 30 yrs-50 yrs.

• Thyrotoxic hormones becomes sometimes anxious, irritated, thin and hyrotoxiable, because metabolism is raised and due to which there is rapid increase in heart beats, rapid shallow respirations, diarrhea flushing, sweating and sometimes bulging also occurs in your body due to this disease of thyroid.

• Hyperthyroidism: this is another extreme form of thyroid disease occurring with insufficient secretion of hormones. The excess of it can also because you suffer from serious surgery. It mainly occurs to the age of middle ages women.

• The main symptoms of this type of disease is due to decrease in metabolism in your mental and physical problems like constipation, deafness, vague pain, tiredness and more.

Cure process with yoga

So guys there is every time one solution behind every problem. Similarly, it also has relaxing your emotions and giving suitable expressions to the kirtan is an outlet of yoga for the thyroid disease problems. Kirtan is one of the most important means of its solution and other is meditation in conjunction with ujjayi pranayama.

These are some of the extreme thyroid disease and its symptoms which can affect your health badly. But if you follow these solutions above you can easily get rid of it without taking any harmful medicines.