“it’s a scientific fact that your body will not absorb cholesterol if you take it from someone else plate.”
The highest concentration of cholesterol occurs in the brain where it plays an important role in memory formation. So guys today in this article I am going to tell you about some good and bad facts of cholesterol. So, first you all should be aware of what it is all about.

What is Cholesterol

It plays a major role in regulating serotonin levels in the brain – low cholesterol level is associated with depression, anti-social behavior and even suicide. The headlines say that it may not be ‘nutrient of concern’ means separating it from saturated fat, sodium and added sugar.

7 ways to optimize cholesterol

It can be easily optimized with these 7 ways which you should follow. Though fat was the last thing you all are easting with it. The reality is most of us have little understanding about its levels in our blood. if your doctor is concerned about your cholesterol, you all want to use these seven strategies to optimize lipid levels and your overall health.
• Get the right its tests
• Check for metabolic syndrome
• Eat low glycemic load diet
• Exercise regularly
• Focus on quality sleep
• Take the right supplements

Types of Cholesterol

Several types of it are there which you all should need to get to know and that are: –

• ‘Good’ or ‘bad’ cholesterol
• High and Low density lipoprotein (HDL and LDL)

Benefits of High Cholesterol

Various benefits of it affects you. I know you all are confused that how it can be beneficial for your body. But its true guys you all know that everything in this world had its good and bad side similarly it also has in following ways:
• Protects against infection
• Protects from ‘Smith lemli-optiz syndrome’
• Other protecting Lipids

Symptoms of Cholesterol

The other question arises in your mind is that how you all get knows about that you are suffering from this several problems. Then ensure for that also you’ll get here only:
• It starts in your liver
• Artery Dumping Ground
• Chest pain
• Heart Attack
• Numbness in the legs
• Bloody stools
• On the move in your Blood
• Plaque Building
• Jaw pain
• Blockage in the Brain
• Gall Stones

Thus all these are some symptoms you should be aware of. You can also read this article:

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