” A healthy outside, starts from a healthy inside “
Care and hygiene of the individual organs of the body is essential feature of Ayurveda education. Ayurveda – cleansing of body comes with different methods of hygiene and care play an important role in the prevention of diseases by keeping the humors of balance.

They also save us from external attacks by increasing our vitality. Cleanliness is not limited to external body parts, such as nails, hands, feet etc.

It is equally important to clean the inner parts through various cleansing practices such as enemas, emesis, sweating and some other practices. We have already learned in earlier posts to cure vitiated humors.

Cleaning the internal parts of the body revitalize them and insures their proper functioning until old age. Ayurveda sages calculated for a lifespan of 100 years.

According to them, youth ends at 60. For them, the aim of health practices was to insure a healthy parts of life. Therefore, all measures were taken to lessen and prevent the decay which is part of aging.

You should clean each and every part of your body whether internal or external cleaning of mouth and teeth and tongue is one of the main part of your body about which you should take care of.

It is more important to clean your mouth than brushing your teeth twice a day. To make your mouth more fit you should eat twice or thrice a day.

Ayurveda methods of cleansing

Cleansing of Ears

Now, let’s come to cleansing ears which is very necessary part of your body which you should take care of as it is a sense of hearing. The ear cavity is constantly moistened by a sticky secretion which helps prevention of dust, small insects etc. Inside your ears. Since thus secretion is constantly renewed, the waste product needs to be removed from time to time with a soft cotton. While taking shower, rub your ears properly to give them light massage, it saves you from ear diseases of vat.

Cleansing of Eyes

Let’s come to the Cleaning of eyes which bring us universe of color and form. Eyes should washed everyday with splashing water on them to get bright and shiny look. The water should not so hot and not so cold it should be lukewarm.When you feel dryness in your eyes use mild eye drop before going to bed. Always remove excretion from corner of eyes.

Cleansing of Skin

Everyone Love their skin and care for it and for that they use some products. That are harsh for their skin that results in damage skin. So it is very important to take care of it. As we are discussing about the four senses. The last sense is of touch and thus involves your outer skin. Oil massage is essential because skin is highly prone to vata and for its health and beauty.

Cleansing of Nasal Passages

Cleaning of nasal passages is also important. The two nostrils, with fine hair growth within them, from the passage for inspiration and expiration. A nasal passage should cleaned every day. For that be ensure a proper passage of air, which is absolutely indispensable for your subsistence.

To clean nostrils try to blow your nose two to three times. So that it accumulated dirt should throw out.If you suffer from blocked nose then u must rinse thoroughly using ‘jail neti’ a yogic practice described, don’t ever ignore thus problem.

Cleansing of Hands and Feet

Now care about hands and feet which are very active parts of your body. You should clean it daily properly protect them from infectious disease.

Trim and clean nails every week of the month. After coming from outside do oil massage and keep feet in warm water.That can help you to dirt free feet. To clean your dirt from feet use soft brush.

So guys here are some Ayurveda- methods of cleansing of your body which will make you all healthy and good for your healthy living.