“The wheel of healing with Ayurveda
An easy guide to healthy life style.”
Ayurveda is the consciousness based approach to health, a spiritual medicine recognizing the phenomenal intelligence in every living thing.

So as you all are much aware about this science of life which is one of the oldest, scientific medicinal system in the world.

This age old medical science is still pursued and practiced by many people of India(basically Kerala).
As it is pride of India, its practice dates back to the down of civilization. It takes holistic view of health.

It maintains that man, who is a part of the universe. Ayurveda health and treatments results goods health and along life. As this is a short introduction about it.

Now we will tell you about it more and how it is benefited to you all and what are its elements. It is composed of same elements as nature – that is ‘Fire’, ‘Earth’, ‘Air’, ‘water’.

Elements of Ayurveda

It is beneficial in many ways to a person as it consists of various massages, therapies. One of them is “Tridosha (Three Elements Theory)”, which basis of it and comprises of vata(air), pitta(fire) and kapha (water). Vata is considered to be present below the navel – in the urinary bladder, pelvic region, legs, intestines, thighs and bones.
Pitta is present between heart and the navel – the stomach, blood, plasma, skin last but not the least is Kapha which is positioned in the chest, throat, head, joints, nose.

After having some basic elements of tridosha let us talk about the therapies in Ayurveda which is improve general health by removing the toxins from the body and increasing its immunity. They simply fight from disease with external treatments. One of the therapy is “Panchkarma” which you will come to know in further article.

Now let us talk about massage exercise the whole body, tones the muscles, improves blood circulation, repairs worn –out tissues, removes toxins and knocks of fat from your body.
Specialized massage is Ayurveda therapies which have been practiced in Kerala for long tome which is known as an art. Other is self-massage which is almost like an exercise regime.

So, here are the basic introductions about Ayurveda treatments and health. If you want to know more about it so no need to go anywhere guys Saymefit will tell you more about it in detail. So, stay connected with us and you can also connect with on